(now playing: "Lessons at the Potter's House" Jeremiah 18:1-4)

“Victory in the Valley” 1 Samuel 17:3; 16; 34-37; 50

There is victory in the valley. Hear this Audio »

“The Words of a Frustrated Saint” Jeremiah 20:7-9

You can talk to God in your frustration. Hear this Audio »

“He Is with Me” Psalm 23:4

Valleys can be frightening places, but no need to fear. Hear this Audio »

“You May Need to Turn Around” Matthew 18:1-4

Do you want to be great in God’s eyes? Hear this Audio »

“A Problem Only Jesus Could Solve” Matthew 9:18-22

Enter into His presence knowing who He is. Hear this Audio »

“Take Your Problem to Jesus ” Matthew 17:14-18

No matter what your problem is, you ought to take it to the Lord. Hear this Audio »

“You Can Be Forgiven” Matthew 9:1-8

Before Jesus worked any miracle in the man’s life, Jesus told him it would be all right. Hear this Audio »

“Just One Word” Matthew 8:28-34

The swine would rather die than be demon possessed.

Hear this Audio »

“What a Man!” Matthew 8:23-27

Stop worrying about  what comes on the journey. Hear this Audio »

“The Opportunities of a Test” James 1:2-4

A test from God is a no-brainer. Hear this Audio »