“You Should Have Let It Go” Matthew 19:16-22

Everybody who meets Jesus doesn’t walk away glad. Hear this Audio »

“He Is There for You” Proverbs 3:5-6

God obligates Himself in Proverbs 3:5-6. Hear this Audio »

“Wait on Jesus” Matthew 17:14-20

We serve a Father who is intimately involved in our lives. Hear this Audio »

“What Praise Can Do” Exodus 17:8-13

When God says wait, don’t let the devil rush you. Hear this Audio »

“Ask, Seek, Knock: It is True”. Matthew 7:7-8

God does not leave you to clean up your mess. Hear this Audio »

“Psalm 23”. Psalm 23:1-6

It’s better to be God’s sheep than the devil’s lion. Hear this Audio »

“God Will Bring You Out” Acts 12:1-8

Some of us are free from the chains but still in prison. Hear this Audio »

“How Not to Be Frustrated” Psalm 37:1-7

Choose something else besides frustration. Hear this Audio »

“No Mallet Needed” John 19:31

Nobody took His life. He gave it up. Hear this Audio »